Our Culture

At HackHub, we are a team of self-starting visionaries who have a passion for reinforcing both talents’ and companies’ professional growth. Like the tech world, we are constantly evolving, learning and seeking innovation to improve both ourselves and the services we offer.
We take pride in being a tight knit family that is constantly collaborating and working together to solve problems and be more efficient. Our customers are highly valued and we strive to deliver high quality results in a timely fashion.

Our Team

HackHub Staffs Yan Hong

Yan Hong

Founder and Director

HackHub Staffs Tiffany Duff

Tiffany Duff

Operations Director

HackHub Staffs Roger Zhou

Roger Zhou

Software Engineer Lead

HackHub Staffs Sherry Dong

Sherry Dong

Business Development

HackHub Staffs Kevin Feng

Kevin Feng

Software Engineer

HackHub Staffs Min Gong

Min Gong

Project Manager

HackHub Staffs Patrick Chow

Patrick Chow

Marketing Coordinator


HackHub Supervisor Sean Hodgins

Sean Hodgins


Cheif Financial Officer @ Mazza Innovation
Principal Accountant @ Tandem Accounting Group Ltd
President @ QCDocs Systems Inc

HackHub Supervisor Steven Lukas

Steven Lukas

Law consultant

Associate Counsel & Co-Chair @ Harper Grey LLP
Past President @ BC Water Polo Association
Chairman of the Board @ New Ventures BC

HackHub Supervisor Ean Jackson

Ean Jackson

Venture Counsellor

Business Development @ Analytics Marketing Inc
Business Mentor @ New Ventures BC
Business Development @ CFA Sports Inc

HackHub Supervisor Floyd Sijmons

Floyd Sijmons

Business Mentor

EIR @ VentureLabs
Mentor @ New Ventures BC

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